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The TSH receptor (TSHR) is a seven transmembrane receptor coupling to the cAMP signaling cascade. It contains a large extracellular domain presenting epitopes for stimulating as well as blocking TSHR autoantibodies (Ab). Hyperthyroidism in Graves’ disease is caused by stimulating TSHR autoantibodies (sTRAb). Current assays quantify the pool of all TSHR Ab including blocking Ab indirectly by the displacement of labeled TSH from the TSHR (competitive assay). We developed the first in vitro assay for direct detection of sTRAb suitable for routine clinical diagnosis (sTRAb-DERA).

The Latest Assay for Thyroid Stimulating Autoantibodies – sTRAb-DERA


Is Innovative!

  • recognizes exclusively autoantibodies stimulating the TSh receptor
  • direct epitope recognition assay (DERA) – no TSH displacement assay
  • high specificity by innovative bridge assay design
  • no falsification of results by blocking TSH-R autoantibodies

Improves Patient Care

  • basis for defining correct therapy
  • earlier recognition of disease remission
  • minimizing diagnostic gray zone

Is User Friendly

  • microplate format
  • high sensitivity achieved by enhanced chemoluminescence detection
  • results in less than 3 hours

Future Developments

  • basis for development of automated tests on IMMULITE/ADVIA-Centaur platform